Connecting to W&M Eduroam WiFi on Linux

William & Mary, as well as many other colleges, has Eduroam WiFi networks. Eduroam is a federation of educational institutions' authentication servers that allows members of each to login to the WiFi access points of others'.

I don't have much of an opinion about Eduroam itself, but the configuration script provided at connect.wm.edu did not work on my laptop running Fedora 34 (kernel 5.13.9, various versions of Python)

I followed the following steps to connect:

  1. I emailed W&M IT asking for a new WiFi certificate.

    The same day, they emailed me back two files: jwhall.crt.pem and jwhall.key.pem, the certificate and private key for my connection.

  2. I connected to the Eduroam WiFi network on campus in Gnome's network settings as follows:

    Screenshot of Network Manager settings
  3. Once logged in to the network, a log-in window to W&M CAS was presented before granting me internet access.

Cheers to W&M IT for their help, though I hope certificate generation can be automated soon!

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