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Hey Kicks, thanks for the thoughtful reply. It's so rewarding to have a working demonstration of whostyles right out the gate like this. Maybe this reply will display on your site using my whostyle? 🤞

If h0p3 has a new style, I might make a new ‘h0p3_2’ style for him - or might just update the old stuff if it makes sense.

Yes!!1! I'm thinking of adding a table to my database with the hash of each whostyle I receive, and having my webmention endpoint compare incoming whostyles against those hashes to determine if it is unique or not. Critically, the class name of the whostyled element won't differ between versions of the same h-card's whostyles. This will allow my site to automatically assign every post the correct whostyle class for the author, and then load in the appropriate whostylesheet for that post.

I guess, as a bit of additional response, I should also mention that I’ve thought about doing this as a JSON format rather than as CSS.

I'm fascinated by JSON as a storage format for CSS, and it isn't something I've thought about before. My knee-jerk reaction is that it'll have to be converted to CSS somehow, and it might be easier to have our front-facing whostyles in pure CSS. That said, if JSON would allow us to do more with our styles, I'm all-elephant-ears. Whatever we decide on, I'm hopeful we can both walk away from this conversation with interoperable whostyles


I would very much like to interact with Multiverse users via webmention, whostyles and all.


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