about this site

i've designed this website for myself, as a record of things i like and ideas i'm excited about
here are some principles i follow in its development:

i hope for this website to represent how i feel about the internet and what it should look like
the most popular websites that people spend most of their day looking at are intentionally designed using homogenous style conventions
i don't think there's anything wrong with that per se, but i also feel like we all deserve an internet experience designed to our tastes
(i'd be happy to design your website 😉)

i still haven't made up my mind about how i'll organize this site.
i'm thinking there will be a separate page for my favorite links, and another for blog-style posts
but which page would i make the home page? maybe this one?

i intend to release everything i have on this site into the public domain.
for now, i have only done so for the home page.

here are some ideas i have for the future of this site:

about me

i also made the websites wordways.us and The H-B Archive

oh! and i love listening to music
here's an incomplete list of artists i like: