dreams of mine

All shapes and sizes. If you have advice on doing any of these things, hmu!

document editor

I've been working with Pandoc a lot, and studying how its abstract syntax tree (AST) model for document conversion. I think that for many purposes, writing content directly as an AST would make it easy to share documents in a variety of formats. Using Pandoc filters and templates, there is immense flexibility for how the output documents can look like.

My idea is to create a document editing application that strictly follows the Pandoc AST format. It would look and feel like Google Docs, a Markdown editor, Jupyter Notebooks. I would probably write it in a language I like, and then deploy it as a WASM application within Electron or online.

a *nix community for the IndieWeb

A long-term plan I have is to build a small community out of the websites that i host. It would be like tilde.town but would focus on outward-facing personal websites using IndieWeb technologies. At first I would like to only have other *nix enthusiasts who would like to help build and administrate a server together, but over time we would include people who are less interested in the coding side of things. We would share database schemas, server software, etc. as much as we'd like, benefitting from each others' innovation and problem-solving. I would love to be a part-time web developer for a few hundred people, all with small portfolios or experimental sites. I'd be excited to develop sysadmin skills with friends as we build tools together.

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